Creative Documentary Workshop for Women Filmmakers

The Creative Documentary Workshop for Women Filmmakers is a five-months training on artistic techniques of directing, editing, cinematography and production, offered within the framework of the Caravan "Between Women Filmmaker", with the aim of improving the skills and capacities of Egypt’s new women filmmakers.
The participants of this workshop will be tutored by several Arab and international women film professionals on how to write, direct, shoot and edit creative documentaries.
The teaching method will rely on continuous practice—incorporating many hand-on assignments throughout the workshop. These assignments are, moreover, designed to be implemented in groups to strengthen collective thinking during the learning and production processes.
An important goal of the workshop is also to guide the participants to reflect on the elements that are most important in the production processes so that the final product can provoke the critical engagement of its audience.

Terms and Conditions

 The application deadline is 12 December 2019.
 The total duration of the creative documentary workshop is five months starting 12 January 2020 (5 days a week, 5 hours a day). The Workshop sessions will be conducted Sundays to Thursdays, in the evenings.
 It is obligatory that all sessions are attended throughout the five months.
 The workshop is offered free of charge.
 Participants from outside Cairo will need to cover their transportation and accommodation costs, as the workshop does not have the means to cover these additional expenses.
 Participants have to be women between the age of 23 and 40.
 The final selection of participants will be done on two consecutive phases:

o Phase one:  Prior to receiving the application forms, interviews will be conducted on 26 and 27 December based on which around 20 participants will be chosen for the first week of the workshop.
o Phase two: those selected in phase one will participate in the first week of the workshop, which will start on 12 January. Participants will be introduced to basic concepts of creative documentary filmmaking and briefed about the content and structure of the workshop. This week will also be used as an assessment period based on which only eight of the participants will be selected for the whole five months workshop.
 The eight final participants will receive additional information on the workshop program, the dates and times. 

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