Correspondence Between Women

Correspondence Between Women is a video workshop introducing non-professional women to the basics of cinematography and of making short films. It aims to create a dialogue between women from around the world through short video correspondences. Every year, a topic is selected to be the main theme. Over a period of four days, an open discussion is held to explore the different perspectives on the selected subject and accordingly help each participant realize her own vision. The group, then, dynamically joins efforts in acting, creating the set, shooting and directing one-minute, one-shot films, which are screened during the Cairo International Women’s Film Festival. The workshop has been organized annually since 2008 by CIWFF in collaboration with the Spanish network TRAMA and Drac Magic (Barcelona)—the women’s film festival that launched the initiative back in 1997. Over the years, CIWFF has organized dozens of workshops in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, El Salvador, Paraguay, Cuba, Nicaragua and other countries.