The Miner

Hanna Slak



102 min



In 2009, Slovenia, EU. For 30 years, Alija the miner is one of many Bosnian immigrant workers. Due to the crisis, miners are losing their jobs. Alija is sent to check an abandoned mine. His task is to quickly make sure the mine is empty before selling the company. But in the mine, Alija finds hidden proof of executions after WWII. He is told to stop digging and report the mine empty. He decides to continue, risking his job. Alija discovers thousands of executed people and informs the police. He sees women among the dead, civilians, missing persons, just like his sister lost in the 1995 genocide in Bosnia. Alija is convinced the victims need to be brought out, identified and buried. But there is no interest in doing that. The mine is proclaimed a WWII military grave and walled in. The dead will stay unburied. Alija loses his job but struggles to preserve his dignity. He is sure he is doing the right thing, in spite of the unemployment his family is now faced with. Based on a true story.