Until the End of Time

Yasmine Chouikh



90 min



At Sidi Boulekbour, the marabout watching over the dead souls, life goes on. The faithfuls wait for the Ziara, time of the year during which the families come to visit their dead ones. For Ali, the seventy-year-old self-effaced gravedigger, this Ziara was not supposed to be different from any other, but this time Joher, in here sixties, arrives to visit her sister’s grave. Wanting to rest beside her sister, Joher , decides to organize her own funeral alone before her death. She then asks her new friend Ali for some help, skeptical at first, Ali is afraid his refusal would drive Joher away from him. During her three days of pilgrimage, Ali and Joher learn to discover each other timidly. But Joher is reluctant to let herself go to this new feeling at her age. The cemetery becomes the theater of a platonic love story; bringing life to this place of death. Festivals: Dubai International Film Festival