4 Kings

Theresa von Eltz



98 min



The sacred day - the one day in the year where everything should be good. A day of hope, of expectation, of disappointment, of presents, of lights, of loneliness and longing. The day of the family. Alex (16) wants to make Christmas as nice as possible for her mother because this year she is supposed to spend Christmas Eve with her father. She doesn't want to disappoint her father, but can't really leave her anxious mother alone. Not knowing what to do, she lets herself fall out of her father's car while driving. And so she spends Christmas at the adolescent psychiatric unit. There she meets three other youths: the striking daughter of an academic family Lara (17), the shy Georgian Fedja (16) and the angry Timo (17). Under the care of the young unconventional psychiatrist Dr. Wolff (38), the four youths, who could hardly be more different, must now deal with each other at Christmas of all times.