Rough Cut Workshop for Arab Women Filmmakers

The Rough-Cut Workshop is an audiovisual consultation that will be offered to women
filmmakers who are in the phase of working on the first rough-cut of their cinematographic
work and need support regarding the content and the development of their film on an
artistic and editing level.

6 Arab women filmmakers, all working on the rough-cut of their films, will be selected and invited to the festival to engage in discussions of each other’s audiovisual works and to debate its different elements. They will also be discussing their works with an international jury made up of film critics, directors and editors.
The festival will cover the travel and accommodation expenses.

The director(s) who has the most developed work on the editing and artistic level and the
one who needs most facilities for the final cut, will receive:

First Award: €4000 Post-production facilities.
Second Award: €1000 to support the final cut.

Deadline for application: 7th February 2018

Development of the activity

In a span of two weeks, six projects will be selected to participate in the workshop. The workshop will be carried out over 3 days (5th - 7th March 2018) as part of the activities of the 11th Cairo International Women’s Film Festival. An international jury (cinema critics, directors, editors) will brainstorm the selected projects with the filmmakers, their artistic development and content, with the aim of developing with them a clearer vision for the best way for its realisation. The Jury members will also choose the winning film(s)

The Goals:

Given the absence of film schools and workshops that offer artistic and content
consultations to new filmmakers in Egypt/the region, the Rough-Cut workshop will be
held, within the framework of the 11th Cairo International Women's Film Festival
"Between Filmmakers", with the of objective of:

First: Supporting women filmmakers and new directors in the process of completing their

Second: Promoting solidarity work among women via their film-making process and
through a mutual debate of their works.

Third: Creating a consultation network among women filmmakers, to encourage them to
make their films despite the social and financial difficulties that prevent many from
realizing them.

Fourth: Exploring and discussing different aspects of the realities that face women filmmakers
in the region, in their different countries, from the perspective of women

Contents of the Workshop:

The Rough-Cut Workshop will be carried following the next steps:

- Screen the selected rough-cut films to all participants to open a debate on the thematic
and artistic aspects of each work with the aim of exchanging experiences and capturing the
first ideas.

- Stimulate the critical views of the participants through the exchange of opinions and

- Analyze, in-depth, the scenes of each selected project and the film as a whole, so that
participants learn to analyze all the different elements of each work and see it as a whole in
terms of the language and the message of the work to be transmitted.

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