International Panorama

The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis
Argentina, 78min, 2016.

4 Kings
Germany, 98min, 2015.

Gulistan, Land of Roses
Germany, Canada, 86min, 2016.

A Halt
Finland, 6min, 2016.

Ukraine, Iran, 20min, 2016.

Cantonese Rice
France, 50min, 2015.

Chopping Onions
USA, 16min, 2014.

The Fullness of Time
Belgium, France, 14min, 2016.

Jonas and the Sea
The Netherlands, 11min, 2015.

Los Pestinos De Mama
Spain, 16min, 2016.

The Netherlands, 19min, 2015.

Ombre della Sera
Italy, 84min, 2016.

The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger
UK, 90min, 2016.

Caravan of Arab and Iberoamerican Women's Films

Ecuador, Mexico, Greece, 98min, 2016.

Aya Goes to the Beach
Morocco, 19min, 2016.

Berta Lives
Honduras, 30min, 2016.

Lebanon, 72min, 2015.

Nourhan, a Childs Dream
Lebanon, 73min, 2016.

One Minute
Belgium, Jordan, 11min, 2015.

One Week, Two Days
Egypt, Sudan, 20min, 2016.

Mexico, 105min, 2016.

Tribute to a Cineaste: Agnès Varda

The Beaches of Agnes
France, 110min, 2008.

Black Panthers
France, USA, 30min, 1970.

Cleo from 5 to 7
French, 60min, 1962.

The Gleaners and I
France, 82min, 2008.

Hey There Cubanos
France, 30min, 1963.

Jacquot de Nantes
France, 118min, 1991.

The MacDonald Bridge Fiances
France, 5min, 1961.

France, 21min, 1982.

Uncle Yanco
France, 22min, 1967.

France, 105min, 1985.

Case Study: Danish Documentary

Something Better to Come
Denmark, Poland, 98min, 2015.

The Good Life
Denmark, 87min, 2010.

The Newsroom - Off the Record
Denmark, 157min, 2014.

Cinema School: FAMU

I Love
Czech Republic, 13min, 2016.

Czech Republic, 5min, 2015.

Czech Republic, 8min, 2015.

The Fishermen
Czech Republic, 10min, 2016.

Five easy steps how to find a soulmate
Czech Republic, 5min, 2016.

The Reprimand
Czech Republic, 7min, 2016.

Best of 10 Years

12 Angry Lebanese
Lebanon, 78min, 2010.

I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave
Syria, 91min, 2006.

Little Sky
Argentina, 93min, 2004.

On Feeling Cold
Egypt, 44min, 2006.

Pinochet Children
Chile, Germany, 81min, 2003.

Profession: Documentarist
Iran, 80min, 2013.

Spain, 122min, 2006.

Silent City
The Netherlands, 90min, 2012.

Trip Along Exodus
Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, 120min, 2015.

Country in Focus: Switzerland

Cure - The Life of Another
Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia, 83min, 2014.

The Day the Sun Fell
Switzerland, 78min, 2015.

Switzerland, 98min, 2015.

Looking Like My Mother
Switzerland, 78min, 2016.

Side Events

Concert and Celebration of International Womens Day
Egypt, 60min, 2017.

Screening of the One Minute Workshop Films
Egypt, 45min, 2016.

Case Study: Danish Documentary
Denmark, 120min, 2017.

To be selected.

Master Class by Dominique Margot: Personal Documentary or how to make the not filmable visible
Switzerland, 120min, 2017.