A Home of One’s Own

Ruba Atiyeh


Timed with the abrupt loss of her partner, Ruba hears that Hayat has cancer for the second time. Ruba goes back to Amman leaving everything behind in Beirut. Throughout this trip, fragments of Ruba’s memories of her own childhood and of Hayat’s start coming up. Things between mother and daughter take an edgy turn when Ruba starts bringing up those past memories of their exile and loss, Hayat senses indirect blame and receives this contemplation with discomfort. When Ruba returns to Beirut, she goes into a darker phase of contemplating loss. Her relationship with her mother takes another dimension with the death of her father and her mother’s return to Beirut. The film begins in the summer time and moves through a darker phase to end in a white winter. The intimate conversations take place in passive times, when getting dressed, watching TV, etc. Both Ruba and Hayat are presented as writers. Hayat dictates her novel to her assistant and Ruba voices out pre-written texts at different parts of the film. The film is about exile, estrangement, homeland and arrival.