Short films of the workshop Raise Your Voice

Raise your Voice started in 2015, first as a workshop in Cairo and developed into an initiative that collaborates with several partners national wide and abroad. It combines education, production and public relations work to increase female perspectives in non-fiction filmmaking and in the ongoing discussion about Women Rights. During several training modules women can learn all basic aspects of documentary filmmaking and advance existing skills to artistically express their views on the society they live in. The key aspects of the story concepts are gender related issues and the odds women have to face on a daily basis by being a female in their environment in order t. In collaborative work, the filmmakers explore and analyze the dynamics, effects and backgrounds of those circumstances through the medium of film in order be able to produce strong and authentic statements. Raise your Voice creates a space on screen as well as in front and behind the camera, in which women can comfortably exchange views and find ways to express themselves through the medium of film. Together the producers and the protagonists ‘raise their voices’ to create authentic productions that challenge stereotypes, provoke thought and grow the presence of the female voice on screen.