International Panorama

Radiance (Hikari)
Japan/France, 101min, 2017.

Rumble: The Indians who Rocked the World
Canada, 107min, 2017.

A River Twice
Australia, 14min, 2017.

Greetings from Fukushima
Germany, 104min, 2016.

The Other Side of Everything
Serbia/France/Qatar, 104min, 2017.

Black Head Cow
Tanzania, 12min, 2016.

Every Soul of My Body (Tutte Le Anime Del Mio Corpo)
Italy/Slovania, 59min, 2017.

Turkey/USA, 79min, 2017.

Wild Roses ( Dzikie Roze)
Poland, 89min, 2017.

Password: Fajara (Mot de Passe: Fajara)
Spain, 17min, 2017.

Last Century Girls (Lievito Madre)
Italy, 60min, 2017.

France/Portugal, 128min, 2017.

Nalu on the Border (Mulher do Pai)
Brasil, 94min, 2016.

The Girl down Loch Anzi (Das Madchen vom Anziloch)
Switzerland, 86min, 2016.

TUTTI A CASA - Power to the People
Denmark/Norway/Finland, 93min, 2016.

Austria/Germany, 107min, 2017.

Who We Were
Denmark, 81min, 2016.

L Assemblee
France, 99min, 2017.

Gaze (Nega)
Iran/Italy, 14min, 2017.

The Dress on Her
Taiwan, 24min, 2017.


One Minute of Nature
The Netherlands, 4min, 2016.

A Letter from Leticia (Una Carta de Leticia)
Argentine, 3min, 2017.

Argentine, 3min, 2017.

Switzerland, 3min, 2017.

Odd is an Egg (Odd Er Et Egg)
Norway, 11min, 2016.

Canada, 15min, 2016.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar (Der Kleine Vogel und die Raupe)
Switzerland, 4min, 2017.

The Found Soul
Egypt, 2min, 2017.

Caravan of Arab and Iberoamerican Women's Films

The Desert Bride (La Novia Del Desierto)
Argentine/France, 78min, 2017.

The Man Behind the Microphone
UK/Tunisia/Qatar, 90min, 2017.

Summer 1993 (Estiu 1993)
Spain, 96min, 2017.

Behind the Wall (Khalfa Jidar)
Morocco/Qatar, 18min, 2016.

16 Weeks (16 Semanas)
Spain, 5min, 2017.

One Sister (Una Hermana)
Argentine, 68min, 2017.

Until the End of Time
Algeria, 90min, 2016.

500 Years
USA/Guatemala, 105min, 2017.

Girls of a Feather
Egypt, 30min, 2016.

Cinema School: La Fémis

La Femis films
France, 97min, 2017.

Country in focus: Lebanon

A Feeling Greater Than Love
Lebanon, 93min, 2017.

Lebanon, 20min, 2016.

A Story of Emigration
Lebanon, 24min, 2016.

Lost Paradise
Lebanon, 61min, 2017.

Those Who Remain
Lebanon/UAE, 95min, 2016.

Lego House (Beit Byout)
Lebanon, 15min, 2017.

Side Events

Closing: screening of the winning film
0, 2018.

One Minute Workshop "Correspondence Between Women"
Egypt, 20min, 2017.

Short films of the workshop Raise Your Voice
Egypt, 120min, 2017.


International Panorama

The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis
Argentina, 78min, 2016.

4 Kings
Germany, 98min, 2015.

Gulistan, Land of Roses
Germany, Canada, 86min, 2016.

A Halt
Finland, 6min, 2016.

Ukraine, Iran, 20min, 2016.

Cantonese Rice
France, 50min, 2015.

Chopping Onions
USA, 16min, 2014.

The Fullness of Time
Belgium, France, 14min, 2016.

Jonas and the Sea
The Netherlands, 11min, 2015.

Los Pestinos De Mama
Spain, 16min, 2016.

The Netherlands, 19min, 2015.

Ombre della Sera
Italy, 84min, 2016.

The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger
UK, 90min, 2016.

Caravan of Arab and Iberoamerican Women's Films

Ecuador, Mexico, Greece, 98min, 2016.

Aya Goes to the Beach
Morocco, 19min, 2016.

Berta Lives
Honduras, 30min, 2016.

Lebanon, 72min, 2015.

Nourhan, a Childs Dream
Lebanon, 73min, 2016.

One Minute
Belgium, Jordan, 11min, 2015.

One Week, Two Days
Egypt, Sudan, 20min, 2016.

Mexico, 105min, 2016.

Tribute to a Cineaste: Agnès Varda

The Beaches of Agnes
France, 110min, 2008.

Black Panthers
France, USA, 30min, 1970.

Cleo from 5 to 7
French, 60min, 1962.

The Gleaners and I
France, 82min, 2008.

Hey There Cubanos
France, 30min, 1963.

Jacquot de Nantes
France, 118min, 1991.

The MacDonald Bridge Fiances
France, 5min, 1961.

France, 21min, 1982.

Uncle Yanco
France, 22min, 1967.

France, 105min, 1985.

Case Study: Danish Documentary

Something Better to Come
Denmark, Poland, 98min, 2015.

The Good Life
Denmark, 87min, 2010.

The Newsroom - Off the Record
Denmark, 157min, 2014.

Cinema School: FAMU

I Love
Czech Republic, 13min, 2016.

Czech Republic, 5min, 2015.

Czech Republic, 8min, 2015.

The Fishermen
Czech Republic, 10min, 2016.

Five easy steps how to find a soulmate
Czech Republic, 5min, 2016.

The Reprimand
Czech Republic, 7min, 2016.

Best of 10 Years

12 Angry Lebanese
Lebanon, 78min, 2010.

I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave
Syria, 91min, 2006.

Little Sky
Argentina, 93min, 2004.

On Feeling Cold
Egypt, 44min, 2006.

Pinochet Children
Chile, Germany, 81min, 2003.

Profession: Documentarist
Iran, 80min, 2013.

Spain, 122min, 2006.

Silent City
The Netherlands, 90min, 2012.

Trip Along Exodus
Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, 120min, 2015.

Country in Focus: Switzerland

Cure - The Life of Another
Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia, 83min, 2014.

The Day the Sun Fell
Switzerland, 78min, 2015.

Switzerland, 98min, 2015.

Looking Like My Mother
Switzerland, 78min, 2016.

Side Events

Concert and Celebration of International Womens Day
Egypt, 60min, 2017.

Screening of the One Minute Workshop Films
Egypt, 45min, 2016.

Case Study: Danish Documentary
Denmark, 120min, 2017.

To be selected.

Master Class by Dominique Margot: Personal Documentary or how to make the not filmable visible
Switzerland, 120min, 2017.


International Panorama

Still The Water
Japan/France, 90min, 2016.

Until I Lose My Breath
Turkey/ Germany, 94min, 2015.

Still The Water
Japan/France, 119min, 2014.

My little Vietnam
France, 63min, 2014.

Until I Lose My Breath
Turkey/Germany, 94min, 2015.

My little Vietnam
France, 63min, 2014.

In The Sky
Turkey, 7min, 2014.

In The Sky
Turkey, 7min, 2014.

Georgia, 15min, 2014.

Georgia, 15min, 2014.

Wild Women
Switzerland, 96min, 2016.

Some Of Us
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 8min, 2014.

Germany/France, 18min, 2015.

Germany/France, 18min, 2015.

Netherlands, 80min, 2014.

Netherlands, 80min, 2014.

Finnish, 16min, 2015.

Finland, 16min, 2015.

Whisper From A Birch
Russia/Colombia, 15min, 2015.

Netherlands/Germany, 90min, 2014.

Netherlands/Germany, 90min, 2014.

Netherlands, 104min, 2015.

Whisper From A Birch
Russia/Colombia, 15min, 2015.

Caravan of Arab and Iberoamerican Women's Films

A Time to Rest
Lebanon/ France, 66min, 2015.

Speed Sisters
Palestine/USA, 80min, 2016.

Speed Sisters
Arabic, English, 80min, 2016.

In This Land Lay Graves of Mine
Lebanon/France/Qatar/UAE, 110min, 2014.

Strong Will
Lebanon, 17min, 2015.

Strong Will
Lebanon, 17min, 2015.

Trip Along Exodus (Best of 10 Years)
Palestine/Syria/Lebanon, 120min, 2015.

Coffee For All Nations
Palestine/ Sweden, 52min, 2015.

Coffee For All Nations
Palestine/ Sweden,, 52min, 2015.

Syria, 112min, 2014.

Suspended Time
México, 64min, 2015.

Suspended Time
México, 64min, 2015.

Seeing the Unseen
Argentina, 96min, 2014.

Seeing the Unseen
Argentina, 96min, 2014.

The Future is Ours
Argentina, 110min, 2014.

The Future is Ours
Argentina, 110min, 2014.

Tea Time
Chile, 70min, 2014.

Dance and Cinema

One Million Steps
Germany/Turkey, 20min, 2015.

One Million Steps
Germany/Turkey, 20min, 2015.

Switzerland, 70min, 2015.

Czech Swan
Poland/Czech Republic, 52min, 2015.

Czech Swan
Poland/Czech Republic, 52min, 2015.

The Need to Dance
Netherlands, 58min, 2014.

The Need to Dance
Netherlands, 58min, 2014.

Spanish Short Films

Spanish Short Films
Spain, 90min, 2015.

Guest Festival: Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festival

Family Business
Germany, 89min, 2015.

The Visitor
Germany/The Netherlands, 79min, 2014.

Country in Focus: Denmark

Sepideh: Reaching for the Stars
Iran/Denmark/Germany/Norway /Sweden, 90min, 2013.

Denmark, 25min, 2015.

Malek Means Angel
Tunisia/Denmark, 28min, 2014.

In Your Hands
Denmark, 101min, 2004.

Front View of My Father
Denmark, 29min, 2015.

In Light of the Revolution
Denmark, 54min, 2015.

Tribute to a Cineaste - Pirjo Honkasalo

250 Grammes: A Radioactive Testament
Finland, 53min, 1983.

Concrete Night
Finland/Sweden/Denmark, 96min, 2013.

Fire Eater
Finland/Sweden, 100min, 1998.

Fire Eater
Finland/Sweden, 100min, 1998.

Flame Top
Finland, 155min, 1980.

ITO – A Diary of an Urban Priest
Finland/Japan, 111min, 2009.

The Three Rooms of Melancholia
Denmark/Germany/Finland /Sweden, 106min, 2004.

The Three Rooms of Melancholia
Denmark/Germany/Finland /Sweden, 106min, 2004.

Side Events

Homage to Nabeeha Lotfi: Because Roots Do not Die
Lebanon, 55min, 1977.

One Minute Workshop Films
Egypt, 2min, 2015.

Master Class - An Encounter With Filmmaker Annette K. Olesen
Denmark, 120min, 2016.

Master Class - An Encounter With Filmmaker Pirjo Honkasalo
Finland, 120min, 2016.


International Panorama

Slovenia / Germany, 12min, 2013.

Little Rudy
Latvia, 9min, 2013.

Midsummer Night’s Tango
Germany/Finland/Argentina,, 90min, 2013.

Midsummer Night’s Tango
Germany/Finland/Argentina, 90min, 2013.

Village People
Finland, 84min, 2013.

Optical Axis
Russia , 90min, 2013.

Greece, 10min, 2013.

My Father, the Revolution and Me
Switzerland, 80min, 2013.

To Singapore, With Love
Singapore, 70min, 2013.

National Film School of Denmark
Denmark, 82min, 2013.

My Dog Killer
Slovakia / Czech Republic , 90min, 2013.

I Don’t Say Goodbye, I Say See You Soon
Brazil, 17min, 2014.

No Man’s Land
Portugal, 72min, 2013.

Profession: Documentarist (Best of 10 Years)
Iran, 80min, 2013.

No Man’s Land
Portugal, 72min, 2013.


My Mother’s Hands
Spain, 95min, 2013.

10949 Women
Algeria / France, 75min, 2014.

Uruguay, 65min, 2014.

Cuba, 55min, 2013.

The Female Teachers of the Republic
Spain, 63min, 2013.

10949 Women
Algeria / France, 75min, 2014.

The Last Station
Chile, 90min, 2013.

My Mother’s Hands
Spain, 95min, 2013.

My Love Awaits Me by the Sea
Jordan / Germany / Palestine / Qatar, 80min, 2013.

Arab Short Films
Lebanon/UAE/France/Palestine/Tunisia, 61min, 2014.

Maria and the Spiderman
Argentina / France / Ecuador, 90min, 2013.

Encounter With a Lost Land
Palestine / Lebanon, 62min, 2013.

At the End of the World
Argentina, 80min, 2014.

Birds of September
Lebanon / Qatar, 99min, 2013.

Flower in Otomi
Mexico, 78min, 2012.

The Trace of the Butterfly
Egypt / France / Turkey, 67min, 2014.

Guardians of a Time Lost
Lebanon / UAE, 108min, 2013.

Egyptian Panorama

Friends to Death
Egypt, 3min, 2013.

Egypt, 12min, 2014.

In the Name of Tradition
France , 15min, 2013.

Egypt, 3min, 2013.

The Other Pair
Egypt, 6min, 2014.

Egypt, 10min, 2014.

Around Alexandria
Egypt, 12min, 2014.

Rest in Peace
Egypt, 16min, 2014.

Invited Festival

We All Want What’s Best For Her
Spain, 100min, 2013.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez
Spain, 81min, 2013.

Country in Focus: Germany

German, 90min, 2014.

Majub’s Journey
Germany, 48min, 2013.

Germany, 90min, 2014.

Majub’s Journey
Germany, 48min, 2013.

Two at the Border
Germany, 30min, 2013.

Clinical Romance
Germany, 60min, 2013.

Broken Glass Park
Germany, 94min, 2013.

Tribute to a Cineaste

The Netherlands, 93min, 2008.

Sleeping Rough
The Netherlands , 84min, 2002.

Feeding the Ducks
The Netherlands, 9min, 2005.

Above Us All
The Netherlands / Belgium, 99min, 2014.

Hinterland - A Child Soldier’s Road Back to South Sudan
The Netherlands, 75min, 2011.

The Netherlands, 70min, 2005.


International Panorama

Water Children
The Netherlands, 75min, 2011.

Belleville Baby
Sweden, 76min, 2013.

Iran, 17min, 2012.

Senegal, Germany, USA, 60min, 2011.

Crulic - The Path to Beyond
Rumania, 73min, 2011.

UK, 90min, 2013.

The Netherlands, 87min, 2012.

Coming Forth by Day
Egypt, 96min, 2012.

This Life
Denmark, 110min, 2012.

Silent City (Best of 10 Years)
The Netherlands, 90min, 2012.

900 Days
The Netherlands, 77min, 2011.

Present Tense
Turkey, 110min, 2012.

Brasil, 80min, 2012.

To the Wolf
Greece, 74min, 2013.


The Prize
Mexico/France/Poland/Germany, 115min, 2011.

When I Saw You
Palestine/Jordan, 96min, 2012.

74, The Reconstruction of a Struggle
Lebanon, 95min, 2012.

10 Centimeters Closer to the Heaven
Spain, 25min, 2012.

Gaza Calling
Palestine, Switzerland, UAE, 64min, 2012.

Magic Words (Breaking a Spell)
Mexico/Guatemala/Nicaragua, 82min, 2012.

Streets of Memory
Argentina, 65min, 2013.

It Was Better Tomorrow
Tunis, 74min, 2012.

Over their Dead Bodies
Egypt, 110min, 2010.

It's Only the Beginning
Germany, 67min, 2013.

Armenia/Lebanon/Qatar, 77min, 2012.

Spain, 84min, 2012.

Turtles do not Die of Old Age
Morocco/Canada, 92min, 2011.

Mothers of the Constitution
Spain, 70min, 2011.

Tribute to a Cineaste

Childish Games
Egypt, 20min, 1980.

Tahia Carioca
Egypt, 60min, 2008.

Hymn from Old Cairo
Egypt, 20min, 1970.

Mohamed Ali
Egypt, 36min, 2004.



12 Angry Lebanese (Best of 10 Years)
Lebanon, 78min, 2010.

Bahrain Shouting in the Dark
Bahrain/Qatar/UK, 51min, 2011.

Lebanese Short Films
Lebanon, 63min, 2010.

The Kid who Lies
Venezuela/Peru, 99min, 2011.

Damascus roof and the tales of the paradise
Syria/Qatar, 51min, 2010.

In the Wrong Body
Cuba, 52min, 2010.

In the Shadow of a Man
Egypt, 65min, 2011.

The Dark Room
Spain/Germany, 90min, 2011.

I Would Like to Tell You
Marroc/France, 62min, 2005.

Somewhere in Heaven
Chile, 60min, 2003.

Argentina, 87min, 2005.

Villa El Salvador
France/Peru, 52min, 2009.

Ok, Enough, Goodbye
Lebanon/UAE, 93min, 2010.



Mom's Idea
Spain/Mexico, 80min, 2009.

Hour of Liberation
Lebanon, 60min, 1972.

Isabel Allende
German, 60min, 2008.

Another Space, Another Time
Spain, 66min, 2010.

Egypt/Spain, 67min, 2011.

The Kingdom of Women
Lebanon, 54min, 2011.

A Five Minutes From Home
Palestine/Turkey/Switzerland, 52min, 2011.

Quién Dijo Miedo
Honduras/Argentina, 90min, 2010.

The Simple Road to Things
Argentina, 78min, 2010.

Selection of Short Films from San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba
Cuba, 43min, 2011.

I Was Once Told
Canada, 85min, 2010.



3 cm Less
Palestine , 89min, 2003.

53 days in Winter
Spain, 91min, 2007.

Hey, Don’t Forget the Cumin
Syria, 66min, 2008.

Lemon Flowers
Lebanon, 35min, 2007.

War Things
Spain, 18min, 2008.

Argentina/Spain/Brazil, 90min, 2004.

The Children of Lenin
Tunisia/Morocco/France , 81min, 2008.

My house is your house
Cuba, 22min, 2009.

Spain, 90min, 2008.

Pinochet Children (Best of 10 Years)
Chile/Germany, 81min, 2002.

México, 68min, 2009.

White Line Sindrome
México, 8min, 2006.

News Time
Palestine, 59min, 2002.

Wait a Second, Glory
Lebanon, 34min, 2009.

A Game
Egypt/Sudan , 7min, 2010.

Errant Home
Lebanon/Jordan, 18min, 2008.



Unveiled Views
Spain, 52min, 2008.

I Am the One Who Brings Flowers To Her Grave (Best of 10 Years)
Syria, 91min, 2006.

Crossing the Strait
Spain/Morocco, 50min, 2007.

Behind the Road
Argentina, 57min, 2006.

The Camera Obscura
Argentina, 86min, 2007.

Egypt, 45min, 1998.

This is Lebanon
Lebanon, 58min, 2008.

I Loved So Much
Morocco , 50min, 2008.

Resistance (Best of 10 Years)
Spain, 122min, 2006.

A certain Ragone
Argentina, 50min, 2010.

Egypt, 25min, 2010.

Good Morning Qalquilia
Palestine, 25min, 2005.

Take Me Home
UK/Jordan, 54min, 2008.



Spain, 88min, 2007.

Spain, 99min, 2008.

Mohamed Ali
Egypt, 36min, 2004.

People from the Gancho
Spain, 65min, 2006.

Tell Your Tale, Little Bird
Egypt, 90min, 2007.

Childish Games
Egypt, 20min, 2010.

Egypt, 50min, 2004.

On Feeling Cold (Best of 10 Years)
Egypt, 44min, 2006.

After ... You guys can’t be left alone
Spain, 90min, 1983.

Mexico, 60min, 2006.

Letter to my sister
Algeria, 68min, 2006.

Just Dreams
Spain/Egypt , 50min, 2005.

Little Sky (Best of 10 Years)
Argentina, 93min, 2004.

They’re not crazy, nor they’re terrorists
Spain, 50min, 2005.

Women without Shadows
Saudi Arabia , 41min, 2005.

Bedwin Hacker
Tunisia, 99min, 2003.

February 29th
Egypt, 22min, 2004.